Our facility is to provide a place of renewal, rest and contemplative reflection. Through programs created, sponsored and hosted by the retreat center, spiritual seekers are presented the opportunity for reconciliation, healing and the atmosphere to strengthen and motivate one’s growth towards spiritual wholeness. Each suite includes a sitting room, private bathroom with shower and bedroom. Individual rooms are spacious including ceiling fans too. The rooms are within easy walking distance of the meeting rooms, the chapel, and the dining room. Suites are typically furnished with simplicity and have incredible unobstructed views of the pleasant landscape. These are ideal for those who wish to extend their stay. These rooms share a common protected space with a greenery around and outdoor seating with good views, perfect for relaxation and reading. We have a our meeting rooms available for your use. Meeting rooms are prepared for your use according to your requests prior to arrival. If there are any adjustments that need to be made please do not hesitate to inform us.

Our rooms are clean and maintained in good repair. Fresh linens are provided for your use. If you are with us for an extended stay, your linens will be laundered or refreshed upon request. We ask our guests to remake their beds with the clean linens provided before departing (blankets and bedspreads should not be included with the used linens.) We ask this to help keep our costs reasonable. We appreciate this effort on your behalf and understand if you are unable to accommodate this request.

All meals are served buffet style. Our goal is to keep the meals as simple and as healthy as possible. We offer several choices so that most dietary requirements are met without any special requests to our kitchen staff.